Traditional Church Wedding Photography

Mark and Charlotte’s Church wedding

I was due to exhibit at a Wedding Fayre close to Delamere Events in a luxurious marquee.

The Day.

Arriving at their house on a beautiful, warm September morning, Bridal Prep was just beginning and excitement already filled the air.

Bridal Prep, bride having lipstick applied by make up artist prior to her traditional church wedding.

Mark and Charlotte’s daughter kept everyone entertained, she was quite the character.


kittke girl eating plum at bridal prep prior to a traditional church wedding.

With everyone ready it was time for Charlotte to climb aboard her horse drawn carriage accompanied by her Father and Two daughters. The Church bells could be heard ringing loud and clear, where Mark waited for his Bride.

Bride walking on the Church path for her traditional church wedding.


groom and Best man waiting at Church entrance for a traditional church wedding.

Groom and best man in Church prior to a traditional church wedding.

The Church in all of it’s glory, with the magnificent stained glass windows and traditional Organ player made a most perfect romantic setting for such a loving couple.  As they exchanged their Wedding vows, emotions ran high.

Bride and Groom in the Church during a traditional church wedding.


Now with the wedding ceremony over, and the confetti thrown it was time for the celebrations to begin. The weather was proving to be a gloriously warm day, with a bright blue sky and wispy clouds. It was perfect for enjoying the beautiful grounds at Delamere Events.


Bride and Groom in forest at Delamere EventsBride and Groom at Delemere Events


Mark and Charlotte’s daughter continued to entertain everyone.


Two little girls lying on the floor at Delamere Events


But still made time for cuddles with Mummy and her little sister.


Bride sitting on the ground with her two daughters at Delemere Events


As the Guests entered the spectacular marquee, they were greeted with an interior that was simply stunning. Drapes hung across the ceiling with twinkling Fairy lights that lent a magical feel to the room.

Bride and Groom kissing at the top table at Delemere Events.

Bride and Groom cutting the cake at Delemere Events.

The Night.

With the cake cut and speeches given there was only one thing left to do, dance!  The wedding band played brilliantly and Mark and Charlotte’s first dance was met with lots of cheer and applause.

bride and Groom share the First Dance at Delemere Events.

Bride stands outside marquee at Delemere Events

Mark and Charlotte’s Wedding was a romantic, traditional and beautifully elegant day, and an absolute pleasure to be a part of.

Thanks also go to my assistant of the day 🙂

Young Bridesmais taking a photo with her toy Bunny.


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