Stirk House Wedding Photographer – Bex & Matt

Bex & Matt asked me to be their Stirk House Wedding Photographer back in March of 2019.  I hadn’t shot at Stirk House for a few years but I knew that we would be well looked after by Dave and the team there.

Despite the wedding taking place in mid-March 2020, Social Distancing wouldn’t kick in properly for another week.  In fact, this was just my second wedding of 2020 and the last before ‘Lockdown’ took effect.

It was also my first wedding using all the new and shiny Sony camera gear.  I had the Canon cameras in a bag with me just in case I felt uncomfortable at any point… I survived without it though.

Too many words? Here’s a video 🙂 

Pre Wedding Shoot

As with most of my couples we had a 2 hour Pre-Wedding Shoot. For Bex & Matt we ventured just down the road from my usual spot of Beacon Fell, and we ended up at Brock Bottom, Claughton.

Apart from getting images, these are a great opportunity for my couples to get to know me, a massive help for when we reach the wedding day.

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The Wedding Day

Bex and her Bride Tribe were in one of the suites at Stirk House with Daniella and Heather working their magic with Hair & Makeup.  Mum and Dad were there too with Dad already nervous about the speech he was due to make. 

B&M 15
B&M 99
B&M 9
B&M 68
B&M 91
B&M 37
B&M 4
B&M 48
B&M 50
B&M 84
B&M 33
B&M 28
B&M 220
B&M 230
B&M 203
B&M 244
B&M 300
B&M 22
B&M 191
B&M 181
B&M 137
B&M 134
B&M 106
B&M 234
B&M 238
B&M 179
B&M 114
B&M 176
B&M 215
B&M 13
B&M 122
B&M 260
B&M 271
B&M 276
B&M 270
B&M 282
B&M 294
B&M 297
B&M 286
B&M 314
B&M 323

Groom Prep

I caught up with Matt and the boys as they arrived at Stirk House. They got prepared in one of the rooms downstairs .

B&M 140
B&M 165
B&M 145
B&M 149
B&M 174
B&M 175


Matt was waiting for Bex at the end of the aisle with family and friends watching. Walked down the aisle by her Father, Bex looked amazing in her dress from Wed2B and shoes from Paradox London.

Yep – Matt cried 🙂

B&M 344
B&M 366
B&M 348
B&M 390
B&M 386
B&M 384
B&M 385
B&M 394
B&M 418
B&M 421
B&M 408
B&M 436
B&M 451

After the ceremony Bex & Matt mingled with their guests in the warm hospitality of Stirk House. Aperitifs were tasted and drinks supped, confetti was removed from hair….

B&M 494
B&M 482
B&M 480
B&M 557
B&M 477
B&M 551
B&M 508
B&M 504
B&M 566
B&M 625
B&M 492
B&M 485
B&M 858
B&M 856
B&M 670

Despite being nervous all morning, Bex’s Dad gave a great performance with his speech, however, his relief at it all being over was evident as he sat down with a huge sigh.

B&M 679
B&M 784
B&M 765
B&M 764
B&M 719
B&M 785
B&M 694

Four Generations in one image – believe it or not this is Great Grandma, Grandma, Mum and Daughter all in one image….

B&M 789

After the meal and speeches I whisked Bex & Matt away for 5 minutes just to grab some portrait shots.

B&M 835
B&M 841
B&M 833

Dave from Stirk House organised the sparkler run for the Bride & Groom.

B&M 885

Bex & Matt’s First Dance was to Mountains by Biffy Clyro, an Alt/Indie track with special meaning for the couple.

The Live music was provided by Rupert Stroud, an excellent band and thoroughly recommended.

B&M 905
B&M 984
B&M 979
B&M 911
B&M 956
B&M 955
B&M 893
B&M 891
B&M 939
B&M 930
B&M 880
B&M 874
B&M 928
B&M 915
B&M 921

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B&M 888
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