I have been a Netherwood Hotel & Spa Wedding Photographer on a number of occasions and so I was again really looking forward to spending the day there.  The venue is perfect for couples looking for a classy venue in beautiful surroundings.

This time at Netherwood Hotel & Spa I had been booked by Nikki & Dec to capture their Wedding Day, extra pressure for me as Nikki is my Neice!

One of the challenges that faces every Wedding Photographer at some point is when we are asked to shoot a family members wedding. Although it is one of the biggest compliments to receive, it is one that comes with many obstacles. The biggest one I feel, is having to to just crack on with work and not stop to chat with family and friends who I may not have seen for a while. Work must come first! My niece Nikki’s wedding was no exception. 

Nikki and her Husband-to-Be Dec stayed over at the hotel the evening before their big day, along with their Bridesmaids and Groomsmen, so that is where I caught up with them on the morning of the wedding. They were set to get married at 12 noon so it was an early start for everyone. Setting off on a cold bleak and dark February morning, I hoped for a break in the weather after having experienced the wettest February on record with storm after storm! 

Luckily for us the weather broke early on in the day and all of Nikki & Dec’s guests were able to arrive in glorious sunshine. Of course, with this being the UK we had wind and rain later, but at least we had sunshine for a while!

As I arrived at the Netherwood Hotel & Spa I quickly said my hello’s to family and friends and then it was straight to work capturing Nikki and her Bridal Prep.

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N&D 10
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Nikki’s bridal prep was split into two rooms, so everyone had plenty of space for getting ready. Nikki got ready upstairs whilst her Bridesmaids got ready in the Library downstairs, a gorgeous wood panelled room with natural light flooding in through the leaded windows.

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Super talented MUA Emma Coppock was on hand to do the bridal party makeup and hair. I have worked with Emma a number of times now and it was lovely to catch up with her. We thoroughly recommend Emma and her team 🙂

N&D 56

Nikki’s friend and Bridesmaid, Chrim, was on hand to take special care of the Bridal makeup.

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Mia and Molly, two cousins loving the pamper time…. 

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N&D 142
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N&D 195

Before we knew it, it was time for Nikki to get into her stunning dress, and Mum Diane was there to lend a helping hand 

N&D 221
N&D 238

Nikki looked absolutely stunning in her gorgeous wedding dress from Dreamcatcher and designed by Suzanne Neville

N&D 230

My next stop was a quick catch up with Dec and his Groom prep, 

N&D 122
N&D 118
N&D 131

Declan, Nikki and Dec’s son was also present for Groom prep and took great delight in telling me how much beer and cider the boys had drunk the night before!

N&D 123

Then it was the time for Nikki’s Dad, Steve, to accompany his daughter down the aisle to become Mrs Stewart. Yes there were tears in his eyes.

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Wedding vows and rings were exchanged before the first kiss.

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N&D 416

As Nikki & Dec entered the dining room, they were met with clapping and cheers. As they took their seats it was time for the speeches which are always emotional with this wedding being no exception

N&D 440
N&D 442
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The stunning 5 tier wedding cake which was made by Nikki’s Grandma, Laura complete with hand crafted flowers was the show stopping centre piece 

N&D 418
N&D 617
N&D 570

As day turned into night, Nikki & Dec were joined by even more guests wishing to join in their celebration of marriage. As the DJ started playing their first dance song, “Always remember us this way” by Lady Gaga they were invited onto the dance floor to take their first dance as Mr & Mrs Stewart.

N&D 628
N&D 632
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As the evening celebrations got under way, I left Nikki & Dec to enjoy their evening with their family friends, but not before taking a few aprty pics..

N&D 566
N&D 668 2
N&D 574
N&D 565
N&D 564
N&D 572
N&D 573
N&D 668
N&D 668 2

Nikki & Dec’s day was perfect in every way, even the weather could not dampen their spirits. It truly was a privilege to be a part of and I thank you for choosing me to capture you special day 

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