Natalie & Pete’s Park House Hotel Wedding


Occasionally I am lucky enough to have one of my friends book me to shoot their wedding day, and friends weddings are always a lot of fun. Natalie has been a part of my life for the last 5 years, she’s one of those friends that would do anything for you, day or night. I kinda like that in people.

So normally I would put a fair bit of effort into a blog post, especially if it’s for a friend. However NatNat has been incredibly patient in waiting for her images, and patience isn’t something that comes easily to her!!

So I’m not going to waffle on and on about how much of a great day it was, how welcoming everyone was with me and how happy the Bride and Groom make each other…. because it’s obvious to anyone who has ever met them. Pete and Nat are the matching halves of their worlds.

So, as NatNat is currently sat on her sofa with a glass of wine, eagerly awaiting this preview, I think I should just get on with it. So here is her wedding day in around 80 images…..

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