What’s better than shooting a wedding with a chilled couple?  Shooting the wedding of a super chilled couple who you know and got on with from a previous cool wedding!  Let me introduce Jonny & Kerrie!

Jonny was a Groomsman at the supercool wedding of Melissa & Martin back before the pandemic tried to ruin our fun and it’s safe to say that he became one of my favourite guests on that day.  Jonny is an absolute giant of a man with a huge heart to match and he simply adores his amazing fiance Kerrie who has the ability to make you feel like family within seconds.

Jonny & Kerrie have an amazing family and devoted friends, so a great day was absolutely guaranteed.  Even though I was only there for a few short hours, I was made welcome by everyone (Even by Uncle KH 😀 ).  

So here are just a few of my favourite images from the day. 

It takes a special person to check themselves out of Hospital and attend a wedding. When I took this image I was convinced he was just hungover. He was in so much trouble with his Doctors when he got back!

Not everyone could be with us, but they were remembered throughout the day, and missed by all.

No words.

For two Best Men who were so nervous about giving their speeches, they did really well. Thanks for putting up with me taking pictures from behind you!