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Bartle Hall Wedding Photographer – Faye & Steve

5DB 4914

I have been a Bartle Hall Wedding Photographer quite a few times now and each wedding has been unique and memorable. Faye & Steve had planned their special day at the beautiful venue that is Bartle Hall, and I was excited to hear all about their plans during our first initial meeting at the Castle Gardens in Carleton, Blackpool. 

During our initial meeting I quickly realised that Faye likes to laugh, which I feel shines through on both her Pre- Wedding Shoot and Wedding Photos. This made my job just too easy! 

Faye & Steve had chosen an intimate wedding with their closest family and friends joining them in their celebrations.


Faye & Steve Pre Wedding Shoot didn’t happen until we had had a few glitches along the way. Firstly Faye had a rotten cold which meant postponing their shoot, which just happened to be the most perfect winters day! On the alternative date we yet again had to postpone due to the weather forecast of gales and heavy rain… neither happened! Third time lucky we made it to my favourite spot, Beacon Fell Country Park. The weather was not great by any standards, cold and wet, but Faye and Steve were great sports and not even the damp cold air could stop Faye from laughing…


Tuesday August 27th, and the weather was shall we say…changeable! Not an ideal start considering Faye & Steve had planned to have an outdoor ceremony. I caught up with Faye and her bridal party at Bridal Prep, where Faye’s laughter lit up the room. 

5DA 7028
5DB 3774
5DA 7089
5DA 7100
5DA 7144
5DA 7160

With the girls busy getting ready I decided to take Faye’s wedding shoes for a mini shoot of their own

5DA 6890
5DA 7086

..and not forgetting the elegant dress

5DA 6859

Leaving the girls to enjoy their prep, I went in search of Steve where I found him in the stunning grounds with his guests.

5DB 3945

Shots like this one make me happy to be a Bartle Hall Wedding Photographer.

Leaving the girls to enjoy their prep, I went in search of Steve where I found him in the stunning grounds with his guests.

5DB 4018

The guests began taking their outdoor seats all adorned with brollies provided by Bartle Hall.

5DB 3919
5DB 3954
5DB 3963

As luck would have it, the weather broke just as Faye left the protection of her hotel room, and blue skies appeared as Faye made her way to where Steve was waiting.

5DB 4053
5DA 7367
5DA 7332
5DA 7386
5DB 4079
5DB 3979
5DB 4081
5DA 7269
5DB 4077
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5DA 7925
5DA 7670

|Magic bubbles instead of confetti! Eco sound and twice as pretty!

5DA 7753
5DA 7596
5DB 3716
5DA 7664

The wedding guests were seated in the stunning dining room for their wedding breakfast, the first item on the agenda was the speeches, which had the guests both laughing and crying

5DA 7940
5DA 8024
5DB 4550
5DB 4561
5DB 4611
5DB 4516
5DA 7993
5DB 4486

And not forgetting the exquisite cake designed by Ness Bolton at Boutique Bakes and Cakes, complete with Mickie & Minnie Mouse

5DA 8112
5DA 8123

With the delicious sit down meal finished I was able to whisk Faye & Steve away so they could have a few moments of alone time, and for me to get some stunning images

5DB 4707
5DB 4745
5DB 4791
5DB 4813
5DB 4914

Faye & Steve’s special day was perfect from start to finish, and Faye’s laughter and love of life is something I shall never forget. It truly was a privilege to be a part of their special day, and one I will not forget in a hurry. 

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