Abbey House Hotel Wedding Photographer – Melissa & Martin

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I have been an Abbey House Hotel Wedding Photographer many times in the past, but Melissa and Martin’s wedding at the end of November will stick in my mind for a long time and for many reasons.

As with most of my couples, we had a 2-hour pre-wedding shoot up at Beacon Fell in Lancashire. Luckily for us the weather was simply amazing and we had one of the best sunsets of the summer.

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On the day of their wedding I set off from the Fylde Coast on a wet and windy morning, it really was dark and miserable. The weather report for the Abbey House Hotel didn’t look much better so my expectations for outdoor shots were low. Luckily for me, being an Abbey House Hotel Wedding Photographer is easy as the venue lends itself to great photography.

I joined Melissa and her girls in their 3rd-floor suite at the Abbey House Hotel. This spacious and comfortable room is fantastic for a large bridal party to get ready in. The huge windows allow the light to flood in and with 2 sofas, a coffee bar and extra seating in the window there is a seat for everyone.

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I found Martin downstairs with his Groomsmen just about to demolish a nice bottle of Haig whiskey. Ties were being tied, and there was the last-minute search for cufflinks and the perpetual question of which side of the jacket a flower should be attached to! Apart from these little details, the boys were nice and relaxed, probably a little more organised than the girls if I’m honest, so after spending a little time with them I left them alone and went back upstairs to the girls.

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Back upstairs it was time to get the girls into their dresses. First the Bridesmaids got into their dresses, then the flower girl was helped into hers by Melissa. Finally with everyone ready to help it was time for Melissa to get into her dress. Cara, the Maid of Honour was on hand to help fasten her up at the back and help fit Melissa’s veil.

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Downstairs in the Great Room Melissa and MJ’s guests were getting ready for the ceremony.

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With the ceremony all done there was plenty of time for Melissa and Martin to retire to the bar and mingle with their guests. With the wind and rain making the grounds wet and muddy, Melissa elected to keep her dress clean and avoid a wander through the gardens for her photoshoot.

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After the wedding breakfast and the speeches we got to use the hotel’s snow machine to get a few great images of the couple outdoor.

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