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My Favourite Images Collection

Some of my favourite images and the short stories behind them.


The Cave

A Weddison Award Winning Image

My absolute all time favourite image! I shot Rob & Emmas Lake District Cave Wedding way back in 2016, but no wedding has yet surpassed the sheer WOW factor of a a service in a cave. This image won a Wedisson Award, my first International Wedding Recognition.

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The Shoe

The Joota Chupai or 'Shoe Stealing Game'

This is an image that I captured whilst second shooting an Asian Fusion Wedding for Liam crawley.

As the groom enters the Mandap, he is required to remove his shoes.  This is the cue for the eldest unmarried girls from the Brides side of the family to rush forward and relieve him of his footwear.  The shoes are hidden and ransomed back to the Groom as he must leave the Mandap in the same shoes as when he arrived.

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The Sheet

Flying Groom.

When Liam Crawley asked me to second shoot for him at a Jewish Wedding, I jumped at the chance. I had yet to experience the celebrations that Jewish Weddings are so famous for, and I have to say, they did not disappoint.

The celebrations were spectacular and I captured this image as the crowd threw the Groom high into the air and caught him on a sheet during the Horah at Sefton Palm House

The room was alive with music, with all the guests clapping and joining in the celebrations. It was a sensational experience and a real honour to be a part of.

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The Bribe

Muslim Wedding Bribery

As the groom prepares to drive away with his beautiful Bride, the Bride’s younger brother pinches the car keys and asks “How much is my sister worth to you?”

The Bride is highly amused by this and her reflection has been captured in the mirror of the car.  Her Groom, having gone along with this common charade has taken a bank roll of notes from his pocket and is pretending to negotiate a deal with the Bride’s younger brother.

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