[vc_row desctop_mb=”margin-lg-50b” tablets_mb=”margin-sm-40b” mobile_mb=”margin-xs-30b”][vc_column][cs_about style=”simple” title=”ABOUT ME” description=”Transitioning from a role as a Military Policeman in the Royal Air Force to a Full-Time Professional Lancashire Wedding Photographer may seem like an unexpected journey. The explanation, however, is straightforward – my deep-seated passion for photography has been a constant in my life.

Enlisting in the Royal Air Force at 19 as a Military Policeman opened doors to camera work. The invaluable skills acquired during this time laid the foundation for my photographic journey, as my camera accompanied me on my global adventures. The only time my camera wasnt allowed to be in my hand was on my wedding day to Sam, though it did manage to join us on our honeymoon in Kenya.

My camera travelled the world with me.

When my Military career ended, the next chapter in my life was working as a Private Investigator. My Camera was the most useful, trusted and used work tool of my trade. Everywhere I went, so did my camera. I learnt how to take clear images in low light, how to be discreet (its mazing how handy this skill is at a wedding!) and most importantly I learnt how to get the shot first time.

I started my Career as a Professional Lancashire Wedding Photographer by offering to shoot for free and asking established Photographers if I could assist or second shoot for them. These days I have many photographers asking to accompany me and learn, I have gone Full Circle.” image=”24890″][/vc_column][/vc_row]